BTS’s Jin Was Scared To Wake RM Up, But RM’s Sweet Response Proves There Was Nothing To Fear

So wholesome 🥺

Being in charge of waking another person up in the morning isn’t always the most pleasant task. You’re disrupting their sleep, so you’ll never know how they’ll react—and BTS’s Jin seems to relate!

In the latest episode of BTS In The Soop 2, Jin admitted he was “scared” to wake up their leader, RM.


He adorably asked maknae Jungkook to accompany him, but Jungkook simply cheered him on and left.

I’m scared to wake up Namjoon. Can you come with me?

— Jin

Despite his fear, Jin mustered up the courage to slowly but surely enter a snoring RM’s room…

…and ask if he wanted to eat a breakfast consisting of haemul kalguksu, a type of seafood noodles.

Namjoon, do you want to eat haemul kalguksu?

— Jin

In a sleepy voice, RM asked if they were having the meal at that very moment, and Jin informed him that they were still planning on eating in 30 minutes.

Even with an extra 30 minutes to prepare, RM ultimately decided that sleep was more important! Jin didn’t mind and gently bid him goodnight.

Like the true sweetheart that he is, RM thanked Jin for going out of his way to ask if he wanted to eat. Jin may have been slightly scared to wake RM up, but RM’s response just goes to show that there was nothing to fear!

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