7 Things BTS’s Jungkook Does In The Morning That Show Us Just How Productive He Is

Let’s be real, it’s not easy to do #5.

BTS‘s Jungkook has a morning routine that can simply be described as productive! He showed ARMYs what he does step-by-step in the third episode of BTS In The Soop 2.

Check it out below!

1. Wake Up Early

To begin, he was the first one to wake up among his members. Even at 8AM, he was already full of energy.

2. Feed Bam

The reason Jungkook had an early start to his day was because he had to feed his puppy, Jeon Bam. He was just as energetic as his furparent, not too surprising considering he’s a Doberman!

3. Rice, Rice, Rice

As soon as Jungkook entered the kitchen, he checked the rice cooker like the Asian he is!

4. Cook Breakfast

Unfortunately, there was no rice so he made himself toast with egg instead. Jungkook brought out his full array of cooking skills as he coated the bread in egg and flipped them in the air.

5. Cook Again

When Suga and Jin made breakfast, Jungkook helped out by shucking clams. Suga was so impressed, he commented that the maknae improved and was all grown up.

6. Play With Bam

When he finished eating, Jungkook returned to his room and saw how restless Bam was. He knew it was time to go for a walk, and the pup was all too happy to join him.

7. Morning Practice

Finally, Jungkook had “morning practice” with Bam. Though it was more of a karaoke session, his pup enjoyed it fully.

How many of us are just as productive as Jungkook on a day off?