Would BTS Ever Try Rock Music? Here’s How They Adapt To Any Genre They Try

Will we see rock BTS?

Over the years, BTS has covered all kinds of genres ranging from hip-hop to EDM, but there’s always one thing in common: It’s Bangtan style! In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Jin explained how BTS is able to put their own signature sound in a variety of musical genres.

Jin revealed that when BTS writes and/or gets lyrics for a song, they “set a theme and the tone for recording the music.” He then uses his own experiences and recalls memories in line with the theme to translate his emotion into the song’s overall feeling.

Jin revealed he drew from his own sad memories while recording “Spring Day.”

For example, you’re thinking about a friend that you may have lost touch with, and drawing from that sadness.

— Jin

By utilizing their own emotions and experiences, the BTS members are able to put their own signature spin on any kind of song they try.

Jin also told Rolling Stone that he’s open to trying new genres like rock music — on a few conditions.

I don’t think I’ll refuse any rock-style songs that come our way. It’d be good if we can do more of them, but they have to feel appropriate and match the style of our team.

— Jin

Trying new genres allows BTS to vocalize different emotions. For example, Jin revealed that the process of singing and recording certain music can help alleviate sadness, like when he recorded “Abyss.”

We hope in the future BTS can branch out to new and exciting genres in order to express more emotions through their signature style!

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