BTS’s Jin Instantly Regret His Own Idea When It Hilariously Backfired On Him

This did NOT go as he planned.

During episode 127 of “Run BTS!”, Jin tasted the feeling of instant regret when his own plan ultimately betrayed him.

Both he and Jungkook failed to finish their previous challenges in first place, meaning they were now tasked with the mission of spelling out “BTS” with 90 dominoes.

However, Jin came up with a risky alternative — Whoever wins in a game of Rock Paper Scissors can go home instantly without even entering the duel of dominoes.

As a risk-taker, Jungkook agreed to the new terms. However, within a moment, Jin was left wishing he never made that proposition!

When the next contender J-Hope entered, Jin was ready to unleash a surprise game of Rock Paper Scissors on him with the same conditions.

Once again, Jin was fresh out of luck!

Unbeknownst to J-Hope, he just won a trip home.

However, the whole plan wasn’t completely in vain for Jin. Eventually, he was able to prove his Rock Paper Scissors prowess by winning against RM!

That might be the last time he throws out a suggestion!


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