BTS’s Jin Divulges His Secret To Preventing Burnout Despite Hectic Schedules

He’s so wise!

“Um… My work kind of lacks clear boundaries,” BTS‘s Jin tells Vogue Korea in his interview for BTS’s special edition feature for the magazine.

BTS’s Jin

While most people attempt to draw a line between work and personal life, Jin doesn’t bother anymore. The average person thinks they’ll overwork, stress, and get burned out if they don’t. For Jin, somehow, his unique approach actually helps him avoid burnout.

During his interview, he explains his personality in more depth. He remains lighthearted, and if a mood gets too serious, he attempts to lighten it up. He does have a reputation for telling jokes, after all.

I hate it when there’s a serious atmosphere. When people are too serious, I always try to lift the mood.

— Jin

This is, of course, oftentimes at work as BTS tend to have busy schedules. So, he ensures that even the staff have a good time during work hours. It’s not easy to work when people are stressed and in a bad mood, right? With Jin around, you don’t have to worry about that.

Usually, when a serious person and a jovial person have a conversation, one of them gives in. Usually, the conversation ends up becoming serious, but with me, it’s different. One of our staff members is very serious, but when I talk to him, we usually just joke around. If someone is too serious and I feel we can’t get along, then I just start avoiding them as soon as possible.

— Jin

Bang PD (left) and Jin (right) | Weverse

Jin explained to Vogue Korea that he feels it’s important to have fun even at work. So, whatever he’s doing, he makes the most of it.

I’m always like this, whether being interviewed or just talking with friends… My main role is as a singer, but the boundaries of my work are blurry. I do stage performances, photo shoots like today’s and also many other shoots.

— Jin

Jin (left) and V (right)

Don’t get him wrong; he doesn’t see work as a joke. In fact, he does take it very seriously, so much, so he’s been known to spend extra time practicing.

Of course, I take my work very seriously. However, until the boundaries of my work become clear, I can’t specifically tell you when I’m being serious. Except when I’m on stage, 80 to 90% of my time is spent joking around.

— Jin

Jin may have accidentally revealed the secret to his good looks and youthfulness. The key here to Jin’s de-aging and chilled attitude despite a hectic life seems to be his humor and fun.

I think having fun is one of the things that makes it possible for me to work without burning out.

— Jin

Jin has definitely earned his position as Matnae (combination of the prefix mat- (맏), which means the oldest, and the term maknae (막내), which means the youngest) due to this great attitude. Gone are the “ice prince” persona days, veteran ARMYs may remember. At one time, Jin barely spoke, giving him a “mature” and “mysterious” vibe.

Jin (left) and Jungkook (right)

The truth is this sociable and fun-hearted individual was there all along. What changed? Jin explained how BTS’s own music inspired him. It was specifically one line from “Fire” from their 2016 album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever: “Live however you want, it’s your life. Stop trying, it’s OK to lose.” 

“Fire” MV | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

From then on, Jin lived without restriction. He was no longer concerned about living up to anyone’s expectations but now just living for himself.

There will always be some people who love you and some who don’t… I used to separate Jin, the BTS member, from the human being Seokjin Kim (Jin’s birth name) to some extent.

— Jin

“Super Tuna” filming. | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Now, what we see is what we get. Jin is truly himself all of the time.

But now I don’t. How I come across on TV is how I live my life. Why did I live like that? I must have had some idea about how I wanted to live.

— Jin

We love Jin for Jin!

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Source: Vogue Korea

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