BTS’s Jin Opens Up About His Struggles Learning To Sing & Dance, From Trainee Days To Now

Jin has worked so hard to become the incredible performer he is today 🥺

Today, most people know Jin as BTS‘s incredibly talented visual and vocalist. However, in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Jin confessed his struggles to become the amazing performer he is today.

When Jin was scouted by Big Hit Entertainment, now known as Big Hit Music, he was an acting student at Konkuk University. The then-19-year-old theater major soon auditioned for the company as an actor too. Of course, fans now know that Big Hit Music had other plans for Jin, convincing him to train as a star idol instead.

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Since Jin came from an acting background with no experience in singing or dancing, Rolling Stone wanted to know what is what like for Jin to learn music performance from scratch when he became a trainee. According to Jin, it hasn’t been easy. “It was true then and it still is true now,” he revealed, “That it does take more effort for me to do the things that may come more naturally for the other members.”

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Jin went on to say something numerous ARMYs would disagree with: “I lack in many areas.” That said, while fans are always in awe of Jin’s performances, he explained that he does have a harder time learning choreography than his fellow members. For example, he confessed that the other members can dance right away after learning the choreography just once, but he can’t do that. “I do try to work harder so I don’t hold the other members back or be a burden,” he shared.

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Jin went on to reveal that he would come to dance practice an hour early or stay an hour late and ask their dance teacher to go over the choreography again in order to keep up with the rest of the group. As for Jin’s biggest strength—singing—the star still has his reservations about his own skills. “I haven’t mastered singing,” he claimed in the interview.

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He went on to say, “I don’t think there really was a moment when I felt I had arrived as a singer.” Despite that, Jin says he feels “a duty and an obligation” to bring joy to ARMYs as a singer. As such, performing for fans has helped him a lot. “As we went on tour,” he explained, “I began to see the audience liking what I was doing.”

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We were sharing the same emotions and what I was doing was resonating with them more and more.

— Jin

Ultimately, after having so many positive experiences performing on stage as part of BTS to crowds of thousands, Jin seems to have a more positive outlook on his talents. “Whether it was my singing or my performance or whatever it might be,” he says, “I began to realize that I am able to communicate with the audience.”

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Despite what Jin may see as his own shortcomings, there’s no doubt that ARMYs fall in love with him all over again every time he graces the stage. In fact, his hard work and determination only make fans appreciate him more.

Source: Rolling Stone

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