BTS’s Jin Visits A Bar Owned By A Game Streamer And They Have A Blast Together

They had drinks over food.

Game streamer Segeulja (also known as Geulja) recently shared a story of how he met BTS‘s Jin. He had been missing for a few moments during a broadcast. When viewers were confused about his absence, he apologized during the next broadcast and explained why he went MIA for a hot second. He had stepped out for a moment as Jin had contacted him.

Jin had wanted to visit the bar owned by Segeulja the next day. As Segeulja is a Maple Story streamer and Jin is known to be an avid fan of the game, it is no surprise that they both know each other! Jin visited his bar around 8pm and they bonded over drinks together. This is what the bar looks like.

Bar Blossom owned by Segeulja. | Naver

While a photograph wasn’t allowed, he managed to get an autograph from Jin. The two had also exchanged numbers earlier and Jin respectfully addresses Segeulja as Hyungnim.

Segeulja and his autograph from Jin. | Instiz

The two had met because Jin was a fan of Segeulja, and had contacted the latter first. On that day, they even had a game of Maple Story! As for what they had to eat with drinks, Segeulja shared that the two had eaten braised chicken, half-and-half Korean pancakes, and seafood pasta. After their session, Segeulja sent a message to Jin to thank him for the fun day and expressed his wishes to play Maple Story again if possible. Jin had replied with a heart.

Out of respect for company rules, Segeulja was unable to share all of the talks he shared with Jin apart from the above. The stories that Segeulja had shared on broadcast had been discussed and agreed upon.

Maybe one day we’ll get to see Jin streaming a game of Maple Story!

Source: BTS NOW