BTS’s Jin Sends Updates To His Pre-Debut Vocal Coach, And His Messages Show His True Personality

Even as a top global star, Jin continues to learn from his trainee days.

CEO of WIP Company and famous vocal coach Kim Sung Eun recently sat down for an interview with Korea Now to discuss her experience working with some of K-Pop’s top stars, including members of BTS.

Kim Sung Eun (right) | KOREA Now/YouTube

Before they debuted, Kim Sung Eun worked with three BTS members. For a short time, she worked with maknae Jungkook, although she noted that his focus was more on dance training. She also worked with Von and off,” and named Jin as the member she taught “steadily and for a long time.

(From left:) BTS’s Jin, V, and Jungkook

Kim Sung Eun taught Jin until his debut, and she noted that he was known for his “steady and persistent effort,” which continued after his debut.

The famous vocal coach often found herself “amazed” by the oldest BTS member’s efforts and revealed that as a trainee, he would send her messages regarding his training at 3AM and tell her he would touch base to discuss it at 4AM.  When she dozed off one time after Jin sent his late-night message, he jokingly “grilled [her] about [her] laziness.

Dedicated vocal coach Kim Sung Eun shared that she would contact Jin every once in a while after he debuted to check-in. Jin would often update her on his training progress through voice recordings, and his playful personality was often captured as Kim Sung Eun noted he would “boast [about] how he can perfectly and comfortably” sing songs that were once challenging to him as a trainee.

She was touched to see how hard he was working and that he took time out of his busy schedule to continue practicing the songs he worked on as a trainee.

Kim Sung Eun said that BTS’s hard work and kind personalities made her fond of the group, and she concluded that they’re “so great” as artists and people.

Kim Sung Eun has spoken about Jin’s kind personality before, and said in a 2016 interview, “Jin is an incredible person. He still invites me to his concerts, whether in Seoul or abroad.

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Source: YouTube and Sisun News

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