BTS’s Jin Finally Responds To ARMY About His Future Plans For “Actor Jin”

Will we ever see him acting in a K-Drama?

BTS‘s Jin just spilled the beans about his current thoughts on pursuing a career in acting.

Many fans know that Jin attended one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea, Konkuk University, and majored in the Department of Film and Visual Arts for his bachelor’s degree. He continued his studies at Hanyang Cyber ​​University, where he majored in Film for his master’s degree. Not only is he a talented singer and dancer, he also has a knack for acting!

Even the BTS members have supported the idea of “Actor Jin,” making references to his potential future path.

Jin should shoot a movie here [on the set of the ‘Yet To Come’ music video] someday, too!

— Jungkook

However, Jin recently revealed his true thoughts about acting on Weverse. When an ARMY asked him when he would begin his acting career, Jin shared that he actually isn’t sure if he wants to pursue acting anymore.

I’m not sure..

Recently there were rumors going around that I’m going to act..

I absolutely have no plans for itㅠㅠ

I still don’t even feel like doing it

— Jin

| Weverse

This doesn’t come as a big surprise to ARMY who watched BTS’s Festa Dinner 2022 where Jin revealed his initial motivation for becoming an actor.

Feeling like he’s already got the experiences he was looking for as an idol, he’s not sure if becoming an actor is still something he wants to do.

However, he shared that life is long and he still has a lot of time to decide if he ever wants to pursue a career path on screen.

It’s not unheard of for the BTS members to purposely throw ARMY off of their current plans, like when Suga tricked fans into believing his solo music wasn’t coming anytime soon — shortly before its release!

Suga tricked ARMY his music was on the back burner. | Weverse

However, since he’s said it on multiple occasions, it’s likely that Jin is just not interested in acting at this point in time. Whether he wants to pursue it eventually or decides to pass on the idea, ARMY will always support his choices!