Using BTS’s Jin For Clout? Netizens Accuse The 2023 Seoul Music Awards Of Being Rigged

Netizens from different fandoms also raised anger!

On January 19, idols from different groups and companies attended the 32nd Seoul Music Awards at the KSPO Dome in Seoul. Yet, netizens have raised anger at the event after accusing the awards of being rigged and, for ARMYs, using BTS’s Jin as clout.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

During the event, BTS won the Bongsang award. Even though they couldn’t be there, RM accepted the award through a video message.

Yet, while ARMYs couldn’t hide their happiness when BTS won an award, many fans couldn’t hide their anger about the lack of awards for BTS’s Jin and his track “The Astronaut.” The song that was released in 2022 gained attention worldwide and was praised by netizens.

In particular, many shared graphs ahead of the event showcasing that Jin, along with many other artists such as TXT, ATEEZ, and TREASURE, should’ve won the Bongsang award.

Yet, despite many believing the event would give out ten awards and Jin would definitely win, they gave out 14, and Jin still didn’t manage to win. ‘

After the event, netizens went online, where #SMA_RIGGED started trending worldwide, with netizens sharing their anger at the results.

In particular, many fans shared that the event was using Jin for clout as, ahead of the event, the official page seemingly copied and pasted a tweet from a Jin account, using the BTS member’s picture as the advertisement.

Considering that Jin was not attending and did not win an award, they found it wrong for the SMAs to do that.

While awards are usually unpredictable, the anger has come from the lack of communication about the criteria. It was seemingly made clear at the start how voting and the results would be decided. Yet, netizens have argued that the results don’t make sense, with many top artists missing out on winning awards.

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