BTS’s Jin Shared Just What The Happiest Moment Of His Life Was

“… the happiest moment of my life is…”

During BTS‘s “BTS 5th MUSTER: MAGIC SHOP” broadcast, BTS had time to share stories sent in by the fans and give them advice on their worries.

One of the stories was about a fan who is a musical actor, but since he is involved in education, he no longer performs and now longs for the stage. Jin spoke up, saying that he entered university as an acting major, but now he is on the stage as a singer.

He then explains how being on stage is the happiest moment of his life.

I entered the acting department but now I’m on stage as a singer, and the happiest moment of my life is singing on stage with my members.

— Jin

He then advises the fan that if he wants to be on stage again, he should give musical acting another shot.

Fans found his response heartwarming, saying that Jin is a very humble person who has immense love for his members. Many are also saying that they love how sincere his response is to the fans and hope that Jin knows that ARMYs happiest moment is being able to see the group happy.