BTS’s Jin Unpacked His Smoldering Hot Visuals At Gimpo Airport

Jin arrived home in Korea looking better than ever.

WARNING: The following article contains Worldwide Handsome visuals that may cause dangerously high levels of fangirling and/or fanboying. Proceed with caution!


On November 25, BTS arrived at Gimpo International Airport, following their 2-day fan meeting in Chiba, Japan. When Jin left Korea, he was rocking this aviator bomber jacket with wavy hair.


Fans loved this look, but Jin’s return-flight visuals took it to new heights!


Jin wore the same coat, but with sleek hair, parted to the side. It’s always a good day when Worldwide Handsome forehead is on display!


In Jin’s latest livestream, filmed after BTS’s fanmeeting, Jin talked about trying out a new hairstyle. He is growing out his hair a bit longer than he usually does…


…and it’s really working for him!


As usual, ARMYs weren’t prepared for this attack.


“191125 Jin” will go down in BTS’s airport history!