BTS’s Jin Reveals The Truth Behind His “Captain Korea” Shoulders In Chiba, Japan

Here’s why he looked extra-extra buff.

In his latest Eat Jin content on BTS‘s live channel — broadcasted shortly after the group’s 5th Muster Magic Shop fan meeting in Chiba, Japan — Jin talked about his most sensational silk shirt outfit during the “Pied Piper” performance.


Earlier on November 23, 2019, the internet was simply blown away when ARMYs who attended the event shared visuals on Jin’s “Captain Korea” physique from the fan meeting:


ARMYs couldn’t get enough of Jin’s super bulked-up upper body…


… giving him this godly vibe!


In the broadcast, Jin explained that he looked slightly bigger because he had well prepared himself for the cold weather!

I was worried it’d be cold on stage today. And my stage outfit looked a little thin, in my opinion. So I decided to wear more layers underneath.

— Jin


Bulked up in three layers of long sleeve shirts, Jin felt well protected against the weather… but he ended up looking totally buff in his pictures!

After the event, I looked up some of my pictures. And it made me look huge! My arms were huge, my shoulders were huge… So I realized, next time I want to look buff, I’ll just pack on more layers.

— Jin


Jin might think it’s the extra layers that made him look built AF…


… but ARMYs know these thin inners had little to nothing to do with his gorgeous physique. Jin has always boasted broad, strong shoulders and the silk shirt simply worked its magic to highlight them in all their glory!


Watch Jin’s live broadcast here: