ARMYs Speculate That BTS’s Jin Is Collaborating With Taylor Swift

He reportedly collaborated with someone he admires.

BTS‘s Jin could be collaborating with American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift

BTS’s Jin
Taylor Swift

Or that’s at least what ARMYs are speculating!

During BTS’s recent Yet To Come concert in Busan, Jin announced that he would be the next member following J-Hope to release a solo album. He also revealed that he had collaborated with someone he personally admires.

ARMYs are speculating that the person in question is Taylor Swift.

| @taylorswift/Instagram

There are a couple of music artists that Jin has openly admired and expressed that he is a fan of, Coldplay and Taylor Swift.

Jin collaborated with Coldplay along with the rest of BTS for “My Universe” and has formed a great friendship with lead singer Chris Martin already.

Chris Martin (left) and Jin (right) | @BTS_twt/Twitter

So, ARMYs are speculating that Jin might be referring to Taylor Swift, knowing how much he admires the singer-songwriter.

In an interview with PAPER Magazine, Jin revealed that “ME!” by Taylor Swift, featuring Panic! At The Disco‘s Brendon Urie, was his favorite song at the time. He even said he wants to try making that kind of energetic song too.


| PAPER Magazine

Sure enough, “ME!” and many more Taylor Swift songs had been in Jin’s Spotify playlist. Even when he updates it, there is to be a Taylor Swift song in there.

| Spotify

The feeling is mutual too. Taylor herself replied that she loves BTS when fans shared that Jin had added her songs to his playlist.

| Tumblr

And in an interview with the Recording Academy, Taylor Swift was mentioned by BTS as an artist they would like to collaborate with.

| Recording Academy

Besides, BTS have all met Taylor Swift at The 2018 Billboard Music Awards. So, there’s already a connection there.

If this all wasn’t enough, Taylor recently revealed to be releasing her own new music with the Midnights album. Following its release on October 21, there will be a “special very chaotic surprise.” 

So, fans are very, very hopeful!

This isn’t the first time netizens hoped for Jin and Taylor to collaborate. Read more below.

The World Wants BTS’s Jin To Collaborate With Taylor Swift And So Do We

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