BTS Jin’s Child, RJ, Was His Proudest Audience Member At Their “Map Of The Soul ON:E” Concert

Jin raised RJ well 😂

BT21‘s RJ is universally accepted as Jin‘s child, and there has never been a more iconic parent-child duo than the two of them!

You just have to see Jin proudly wearing his RJ merch to feel the adoration he has for his child.

Jin has shown his love for RJ many times in the past, and RJ finally returned the favor during their recent Map Of The Soul ON:E concert.

When BTS was on stage, hundreds of fans were featured on the large screens behind them.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Right behind Jin was no other than RJ!

RJ excitedly flailed its body around, showering Jin with all its love—love that could be felt even if they were miles apart.

ARMYs who saw RJ couldn’t stop exclaiming how it’s “so cute!” Many also laughed at how the ARMY holding it “violently” moved it around.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

This iconic pair keeps stealing ARMYs hearts! Now if only Jin looked back to see his child on the screen…

Source: theqoo