BTS’s Longtime Choreographer Sends Jin Off To The Military With A Fond Farewell

I’m not crying, you are.

BTS wouldn’t be the BTS we know today without all seven members and the people who championed them from the beginning.

BTS with Son Sung Deuk (center)

One of those people is Son Sung Deuk. This BIGHIT MUSIC choreographer and performance director started working with BTS long before his adorable son was born.

Son Sung Deuk and his son | @sonsungdeuk/Instagram

If anyone knows just how hard Jin has worked to become the superstar he is today, it’s him. Dancing didn’t come naturally to Jin, but by putting in the time and effort, Jin honed his skills.

Son Sung Deuk, Lee Hyun, and PDogg reacting to BTS’s “Butter” MV. | Landon Mark/YouTube

On December 13, Jin began his military service, which will end in 2024. On Instagram, BTS members wished him all the best, and so did Son Sung Deuk. Son Sung Deuk posted this selfie, originally posted by Jin on Weverse, and sent his student off with a heartfelt message.

Come back safely and healthily, and I hope it becomes a treasured time in your life..

— Son Sung Deuk

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