BTS’s Jin Chooses A Super Useful Superpower For ARMY

How would you use this power?

Jin is proving once again that nobody knows ARMY quite like BTS!


From super strength…

…to super speed, many people have dreamed of having their own superpowers.

If you could, would you choose to be invisible, read minds, or control the weather? How about having the ability to fly?

Jin wearing a Superman cape. | Weverse

In Snack Time, a new video for the BTS Japan Official Fanclub, Jin answered a list of fun questions for ARMY, including one about superpowers.

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If you could give ARMY a superpower, what would it be?

— Snack Time

“If I could give them a superpower,” he said. “it would be the power to stop time. I want them to be able to enjoy watching [BTS] as much as they want.” 

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The sheer volume of BTS content can be intimidating for “newbie ARMYs” who are just joining the fandom. Jin assured ARMYs that they don’t have to watch every single thing. “You can just pick what you want to watch,” he said.

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