BTS’s Suga Chooses Colors To Represent Each Of His Members

These are his personal picks.

Each color of the rainbow has a different mood and meaning. Which ones best represent BTS‘s members?


In Snack Time, a new video for the BTS Japan Official Fanclub, Suga sat down for a quick Q&A. When asked to describe BTS’s members as colors, he started with himself.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

According to Suga, he is the color blue. Although he didn’t explain the reasons behind his choices, blue seems like the perfect fit for this introspective artist. Blue is the color of calm, the sky, and the ocean. In many cultures, it is associated with peace, wisdom, and stability.

Suga chose one of the boldest colors of the rainbow for V, red. Red is the color of love, passion, courage, good luck, and happiness. It’s a color that isn’t afraid to stand out!

Is the Golden Maknae gold? Nope. Suga chose pink for Jungkook. Pink is a playful, cheerful color associated with tenderness, charm, and love. Flowers, gemstones, and birds are all sources of pink in nature.

Suga picked gray for RM, which is interesting because RM chose the same color for Suga during his own Q&A! Gray is a neutral, balanced color, the middle ground between black and white. It’s associated with sophistication and has a subtle strength.  In nature, gray can be found in various metals and stones.

Suga sees J-Hope as green. Green is the color of health, vivacity, and youth. It is often associated with rebirth, growth, and happiness. In nature, green can be found almost anywhere you look: trees, plants, insects, gemstones, etc.

Suga picked the same color for Jin and Jimin, yellow.

Sunshine, happiness, silliness, and friendship are all strongly associated with this color. Yellow is also the “Butter” era’s signature color!

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