BTS’s RM Chooses Colors To Represent Each Of His Members 

He described his members as colors.

Each color of the rainbow has a different mood and meaning, a unique personality. Can you guess which colors represent BTS‘s members?

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter 

In Snack Time, a new video for the BTS Japan Official Fanclub, RM answered a list of fun questions for ARMY. When asked to describe BTS’s members as colors, he started with himself.

| BTS Official Japan Fanclub

RM chose deep indigo or navy blue. Although RM didn’t explain the reasons behind his choices, blue seems like the perfect fit for this nature-lover. Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean, and in many cultures, it is considered to be a calming color associated with peace, wisdom, and stability.


For Jin, RM chose light pink, one of Jin’s favorite colors. Pink is a bubbly, cheerful color traditionally associated with love and femininity. Jin has broken gender stereotypes in fashion by proudly wearing pink, and who can forget his iconic pink hair? Flowers, gemstones, and birds are all sources of pink in nature. 


RM chose dark gray as Suga‘s color. Like Suga, gray is cool and balanced. Gray has a subtle strength, and it’s associated with sophistication. In nature, gray is the color of steel, stone, and ash.


RM picked a vibrant color that matches J-Hope‘s personality perfectly: red. Love, passion, good luck, and happiness are all associated with this color. Red is also a primary color. It forms the foundation of the color spectrum, just as J-Hope helped form the foundation of BTS.


What did RM pick for Jimin? Light yellow, a color that is just as bright and beautiful as Jimin. Sunshine and happiness are strongly associated with yellow, two things Jimin brings to the table on a daily basis. Yellow is also the “Butter” era’s signature color!


Most fans associate with the color purple, thanks to his famous phrase “borahae” (“I purple you“). RM, however, described V as a color that’s close to green. In nature, green can be found in plants, forests, and various animals. Green is associated with vitality, healing, and creativity, traits that can also be found in V.


Last, but not least, is the Golden Maknae Jungkook. For Jungkook, RM chose the color Jungkook is often seen wearing: black. Although black has many negative connotations in various cultures, today it is commonly associated with luxury and sophistication in Korea. Visual artists often favor black clothing, and judges traditionally wore black to embody honor and honesty, two qualities Jungkook prides himself on.