Did BTS’s Suga Just Adopt A Cat? One ARMY Trolls The Whole Fandom 

“Don’t play with my feelings!”

Is Lil Meow Meow adding his own Lil Meow Meow to the family?


BTS‘s Suga already has one pet, an adorably sassy poodle named Min Holly, but some fans would love to see this cat-like rapper adopt his own kitty.

Suga and Holly | @bts_twt/Twitter

In Snack Time, a Q&A video for the BTS Japan Official Fanclub, Suga was asked about future pets. His pet of choice would be a white cat that matches its name, Seoltangie (Sugar in Korean).

Suga enjoys both watching and filming cat videos. In a recent Instagram story, he shared this video of a cat he crossed paths with while out walking with a friend.

Not long after Suga’s Snack Time was released, a fan tweeted a photo of Suga’s hypothetical cat, edited to look like a real Instagram story.

The edit is so convincing, in fact, that some fans believed it was real.

Others jumped from Twitter to Instagram to check out the story for themselves!

Sadly, Suga has not yet adopted a kitten, but you know what they say. What Suga wants, Suga gets! Read more from his Q&A here.

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