BTS’s Jin Dedicates “Telepathy” Of New “BE” Album To Those Struggling To Overcome The COVID-19 Pandemic

The song was written by none other than Suga.

BTS just released their new album, “BE”, and in light of the much-anticipated comeback, the members held a press conference detailing the songs they participated in themselves.

The fifth track of the album is “Telepathy”, and Jin offered fans the deep meaning behind the song and what it was inspired by.

According to Jin, the song is of the retro-pop disco genre, making it a very exciting song to listen to.

The member who participated in making the song was none other than Suga, who was unable to attend the conference due to his surgery recovery.

The lyrics were written to describe the current situation where the members are unable to meet with fans due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jin stressed that the time they get to spend with fans is the happiest moment for them.

Therefore, the song was written to express to fans that despite being apart physically, they’ll always be together at heart.

Check out the full press conference for “BE” below: