BTS’s Jin And His Invisible Chair Are Trending, Thanks To K-ARMY

An unexpected phrase is trending in Korea, thanks to Jin.

BTS‘s Jin is trending again. Or rather, his “chair” is!

On June 1, BTS released their annual family portraits for FESTA and, as usual, the photos are endearingly dorky.

From J-Hope‘s hand placement…

…to Jungkook‘s sideburns…

…fans have a lot of funny details to laugh about. At first glance, nothing seems strange about this particular photo, but if you look closely, you’ll see that the bench didn’t have enough room for all seven members.

Jin is sitting on thin air so perfectly that it almost seems like a Photoshop fail!

K-ARMYs loved this leJindary detail so much that that “transparent chair” is now trending in Korea. Here’s hoping that Jin sees it!

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