A Tweet Posted By BTS’s Jin In 2014 Is Making ARMYs Emotional Ahead Of The Idol’s Enlistment

Can someone bring some tissues… a lot of tissues! 😭

When it was first announced that BTS‘s Jin would be enlisting for his military service in December, it was definitely a hot topic for media outlets worldwide.

Of course, aside from that, it was an emotional time for ARMYs as they realized that BTS’s oldest member would be leaving for a while.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Since the announcement was made, Jin has been extremely honest about his feelings ahead of his enlistment.

In particular, during a live broadcast, the idol shared how many times his plans had changed. In the end, despite not liking the cold, he made a decision with the members to ensure he could perform in front of ARMYs when they could cheer.

It’s also because, in Korea, it has been a long time since we were able to perform at an in-person concert with a live audience. They convinced me that it’s probably the right thing to do to give the fans this final concert before I go.

— Jin

| Weverse 

Yet, it all seemed extremely real on December 11 when Jin shocked ARMYs by revealing a picture of his cleanly shaven head.

Jin’s post of his shaved head ahead of his enlistment | Weverse

When the image was posted, it wasn’t surprising that netizens couldn’t hide their emotions. It made everything seem much more real, and the fact that Jin wanted ARMYs to be the first to see his new look meant even more to them.

Yet, amongst all the news from Jin, an old tweet from the idol posted back in 2014 has resurfaced over eight years later and made ARMYs extremely emotional.

At around this time back in 2014, on December 19, Jin tweeted from the group’s account with the words, “Don’t cry because I’m gone.”

Although the tweet has been active for so long, it isn’t surprising that the post has suddenly regained attention from ARMYs worldwide.

Upon many fans seeing the post reappear on their timeline, they shared their emotions about how relevant it seems now, considering that Jin will be in the military until 2024.

Luckily, it seems like the members are going to make sure ARMYs aren’t too sad. Jimin even made a statement after changing his profile picture on Weverse to Jin’s newly shaven head. Although it was a small action, it made fans feel better.

Jimin changed his profile picture to Jin’s new selfie on Weverse | Weverse

Although it won’t be an easy time for ARMYs and the members of BTS, everyone will get through it together. Jin made the decision to enlist himself after the alleged indecisiveness of the government, and ARMYs will always respect that decision.

You can read more about Jimin finding ways to help ARMYs ahead of Jin’s enlistment below.

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