BTS’s Jin Is About To Become An Uncle — He Was Even Asked To Name The Baby

What an honor for the baby!

BTS‘s Jin is about to become an uncle! His older brother, Seok Jung, had previously gotten married to his wife, Kim Ah Reum. They recently announced the amazing news that Ah Reum was pregnant! Along with the caption, “Hello? We’re looking forward to being with you,” the couple made it public that they were expecting.

Kim Ah Reum posted a comment of a buttered pancake emoji as well as “Butter-yah, please grow up healthily” leading fans to wonder if that was what they had decided to name the baby.

Seok Jung confirmed the naming.

  • Acquaintance: “Ah I guess it’s butter kkkkkkkkk.”
  • Seok Jung: “I asked my brother to name it.”

He even made sure to reflect the addition to his family in his profile which now reads, “Kim Seok Jung and Kim Ah Reum, and Kim Butter.

Of course, in South Korea, it is customary for parents to give nicknames to their unborn child during pregnancy, with a real, formal name being decided upon later. Common nicknames include “peanut”, “puppy” and more, so if you think about it, “butter” really isn’t all that far off! We wonder if Jin will contribute to the formal name later on.

What an honor for the child to be named by the Jin of BTS! Congratulations to the happy couple and well wishes to the unborn child!