BTS Jin’s Has A Heartbreaking Update About The Condition Of His Iconic Pink Microphone

What is the “Pink Mic Guy” going to do…

When it comes to BTS‘s Jin, the idol has gone by so many nicknames.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

As well as “Worldwide Handsome,” Jin has been known as the “Pink Mic Guy,” after catching the attention of fans for his immense singing skills, dazzling visuals, and the stand-out pink microphone that he has used for years.

BTS’s Jin with his pink microphone

Over the years, Jin has wowed netizens with his talent, and the pink microphone has always been a staple part of the idol’s performances. It’s almost become a part of who Jin is, and ARMYs love watching the sparkling microphone shine.


Well, it seems like ARMYs have an update on the iconic pink microphone.

BTS is currently preparing for their concert in Busan, and, as expected, the members have been working hard. With such a huge global audience, BTS wants to put on the best show for ARMYs.

Poster for BTS’s Busan concert

On October 13, the members were updating ARMYs on their travels and preparation.

Yet, Jin’s message on Weverse broke ARMYs’ hearts after he posted a picture of his iconic pink microphone, and it looked like it was damaged as some of the iconic crystals had come off.

The state of Jin’s microphone | Weverse

In the next post, Jin shared his own sadness but appreciated all the hard work the iconic microphone has done over the years. As expected, Jin explained, “You’ve worked hard, my pink microphone.”

| Weverse

Luckily, if ARMYs were worried about the pink microphone having to retire, they have no reason to. In a later Weverse post, Jin seemingly wants to use the pink microphone as much as ARMYs want to see it.

Mic, even if youre hurt, you still need to work. Be prepared to do whatever it takes to stay alive and work.

— Jin

| Weverse

It isn’t the first time Jin’s microphone worries have shocked ARMYs. Back in 2021, ARMYs noticed that Jin changed the color to green during a concert in May, along with some members.

Jin once shocked fans with a green microphone.

Yet, it wasn’t long before Jin went back to his iconic pink microphone. It seems like Jin isn’t ready to let go of his pink microphone any time soon, and it might just need some hot glue and rhinestones to fix it back together.

You can read more about the iconic microphone below.

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Source: Weverse


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