BTS’s Jin Teases Possible Solo Variety Show Appearances

Here’s why he wants to try it!

As a person with a carefree outlook, BTS‘s Jin learned throughout his career that doing what feels right in the moment works better for him than planning ahead. He touched upon this and and all of the possibilities it may lead him to, including joining variety shows, in his recent Weverse Magazine interview.

Doing what he wants and what makes him happy are two valuable points for him.

I guess a lot of people might not understand the concept of doing what you want, when you want, because they’re required to make a plan. I don’t think I was like this when I first debuted, either. I sort of used to like planning things out, but I guess my personality just changed this way a bit, because even when I make plans, my schedule can change without notice and unexpected things come up.

— Jin

He revealed it can become hi way of striking a balance between BTS and his personal life. By doing his own thing, he doesn’t inconvenience others.

Well, I hadn’t really thought about it that way before, but I guess you could say I want to be able to have fun on my own, too. And without inconveniencing anybody else.

— Jin

Along the lines of doing things to make himself happy, he’s considered doing variety shows.

I thought about going on a variety show to make myself happy, not for the group or because of my popularity or for work, because filming those shows might put me in a happy mood. There are some things about variety shows that are tough, of course, but it’s also a chance to laugh your head off on set all day.

— Jin

While he was injured, he revealed he had a unique experience watching the BTS members perform up close and could understand why people quickly become fans. In the same way, during a variety show, he would not only be a part of it but also enjoy it from the closest seat possible: On set!

I talked about how I felt like I was watching both the other members and ARMY at the most recent concert, right? So I want to do it to enjoy myself – I’m on stage and putting on a performance, but watching a BTS concert up-close at the same time. I’m on a variety show, but watching that show up-close.

— Jin

Meanwhile, BTS will continue to do group and solo activities as they begin their second chapter. Check out more below.

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Source: Weverse Magazine