BTS’s Jin Goes Viral For His Handsome Looks And Gets A New Nickname After “The Car Door Guy”

He’s now the “guy in glasses”.

BTS‘s Jin has always been known for his visuals alongside his talent and naturally humorous personality. The previous time he made a splash with the general public was back during the Melon Music Awards in 2015, where he was dubbed “the car door guy”.

Now, he’s been given a new nickname as members of the public were captured by his visuals once again. During a recent acceptance speech for the American Music Awards (AMAs), Jin played up his intellectual image with glasses as an accessory.

The video was filmed on the same day as the BE press conference!

| theqoo

Netizens who weren’t ARMYs began to ask their followers, just who “the guy with the glasses” was!

| pann

It seems that Jin’s next nickname is now, “the guy in the glasses”! Who can blame them? Jin isn’t called “Worldwide Handsome” for nothing! Check out the acceptance speech below.

Source: pann and theqoo