BTS’s Jin Reveals A Weird Food Combination He Wants To Try, And Jimin’s Reaction Was Hilarious

It is definitely a controversial choice!

BTS recently appeared in an interview with Spout Podcast, and it was the second time the group appeared on the channel. During the interview, they spoke about their collaboration with McDonald’s, their cooking skills, and much more.

During their latest appearance, host Erik Zachary took it back to March, during their first interview, and the host reminded them that they’d shared their love for pineapple on pizza.

When the group last appeared on the channel, RM explained that “Everyone loves Hawaiian.” Despite the controversial statement, all of the other members seemed to agree with their leader voicing their love for pineapple on pizza.

Although Erik didn’t agree with their views, he understood that everyone had different views on which food they preferred. He then asked the members if there were any other unique food combinations that they liked.

Jin seemed to have an idea straight away, and it not only stuck to the theme of pineapple but also paid ode to their recent collaboration with McDonald’s.

We are back on the podcast, so what about we put some pineapple on McDonald’s?

— Jin

It wasn’t only Erik who seemed shocked at this idea. RM even stated, “It is very controversial.” Yet, one person in particular also seemed to find the idea wrong, and that was Jimin. After Jin proudly announced his idea, Jimin exclaimed, “It’s not all of our opinions!

Even though it might sound controversial, it is definitely an interesting combination that Jin could make popular with his cooking skills! Yet, it doesn’t seem like Jimin will be trying it anytime soon. You can watch the whole video below!

Source: Spout Podcast