BTS’s Jin Drops First Set Of Wet And Wild Concept Photos For Solo Photo-Folio

We volunteer to be his first mate!

BTS‘s Jin has released the first set of concept photos from his photo-folio.

BTS’s Jin

Previously, it was revealed that Jin would be the latest member to release his solo photo-folio. ARMYs went wild for a preview of him at the end of the OT7 photo-folio, titled Special 8 Photo-Folio Us, Ourselves, and BTS ‘We.’

Now, BIGHIT MUSIC has released the first set of concept photos of his photo-folio titled Me, Myself, and Jin ‘Sea of JIN island,’ and oh my gosh… We weren’t ready.

The first three photos feature Jin in a sea captain’s uniform and let’s just say… This man knows how to wear a uniform.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

And, as if Jin couldn’t get any hotter, he has eyebrow slits!

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Those broad shoulders and legs were made for that uniform.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

If that wasn’t enough to excite you, Jin also appears in a pirate concept. Captain Jack Sparrow, who? We only know Captain Kim Seok Jin.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

We volunteer as the first mate.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Recently, BIGHIT MUSIC also released a teaser trailer for Jin’s photo-folio. Check it out below.

BTS ARMY Goes Crazy For Captain Jin In New Photo-folio Trailer

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