Here Are The Roles Of Each BTS Member In Jin’s Imaginary Hideout

Do you agree with his choices?

In an interview with Weverse, BTS‘s Jin was asked how he would design a hideout for the BTS members to relax and enjoy their time.

He made sure to put all the necessary things that would allow them to have a good time!

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is… a karaoke machine, beverages in the fridge, snacks, a few computers, and maybe a ping-pong table…. I think this would work perfect.

— Jin

Additionally, the location is extremely important.

I think somewhere quite remote. I want to find a secluded location where I can enjoy peace and quiet.

— Jin

Assigning everyone their own role, he decided to give to himself the role of keeping the refrigerator filled with beverages and all kinds of soda. As for their leader RM, he would spend his time managing the money to fund the hideout.

Next, J-Hope would lift everyone’s mood by keeping them cheerful. Sounds like something he could do easily!

He assigned Suga the job of filling the humidifier with water. Perhaps he gave him an easy job so he can spend most of his time relaxing.

Lastly, the maknae line of Jimin, V, and Jungkook would be assigned cleaning duties. In any group, the youngest ones always pick up the slack!

If all that sounds familiar, it’s possible he got some inspiration from BTS’s time on In The SOOP! Maybe Jin is hoping for a new season, just like ARMY.

Check out what else he revealed in his interview below.

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Source: Weverse


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