Explaining The “-TV” Slang That BTS’s Jin Seems To Be Addicted To On Weverse

Here’s what it means.

BTS‘s Jin recently seems to be addicted to a newfangled slang, “-TV“. “TV” is added to the back of random answers and is the trending way to respond to people’s texts especially.

For example, Jin added “-TV” to the back of “my pride” in his caption of his figurine. The caption, “My pride-TV!” proved he really got the hang of the slang.

When a fan asked, “how is this? I need one of the six phones,” Jin replied with “They’re company phones-TV…

Fans played along with him.

  • Army: “Please upload this selfie too…TV”
  • Jin: “I will try to look for it-TV”
  • Jin: “I found it-TV”

Of course, there were many more examples. In almost all the replies he gave out on October 16, 2021, Jin used “-TV” to end off his sentences. Just what does it mean? It does not have any particular meaning actually! It came about when many realized that live streamers or YouTubers often named their channels “(something here) TV“. As the suffix “-TV” became common, people found the texture of the word nice to say. Eventually, they began attaching TV to anything. The most commonly used one is “eojjeol-TV”, which simply means, “What do you want me to do about it” or “so what“.

Later on, in response to the suffix, people began using any sort of electrical appliance as meaningless suffixes, such as “eojjeol-dyson” or “eojjeol-fridge” and more.

That’s all there is to it. Thanks for tuning in to our little Korean slang lesson, inspired by Jin.

Source: theqoo