BTS’s Jin Just Can’t Catch A Break On “The Tonight Show”

Jin’s handsomeness came under attack again on “The Tonight Show”.

“Worldwide Handsome” isn’t just a nickname. It’s a lifestyle, an honor, and at times, a challenge!

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Whenever BTS guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, it seems like someone (or something) is out to get Jin. On Day 4 of “BTS Week”, his handsome–excuse me, worldwide handsome–face was attacked out of nowhere…again!

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In the “Zoom Olympics”, BTS competed to find out who could move the fastest, stack the highest tower of TV remotes, and sprinkle the floor with the most guitar picks. Jin won Round 1 against J-Hope, but at what cost? While flailing around, his earpiece flew out…

…and whacked his tooth!

(Here’s the replay.)

Unfortunately, that’s not the only time Jin suffered for Jimmy Fallon‘s games. Last time BTS appeared on the show, J-Hope actually smacked Jin in the “Subway Olympics”.

Jin’s face was also stickered with Post-It notes as he cried, “Hey, my friends, no face-eu, no face-eu. Ahh!” He just can’t catch a break!

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