ARMY Bought Their Entire Fandom An Expensive BTS Christmas Gift

When fans join forces, there’s nothing they can’t do, or afford.

“Think like Namjoon, execute like Seokjin is the logic behind ARMY‘s Christmas gift to the entire BTS fandom.


It all started with the Jingle Ball. On December 6, BTS performed at this star-studded holiday concert in Los Angeles, dressed to the nines in dapper suits.


Fans cherished every group photo, but this watermarked Shutterstock photo captured their hearts like no other. It’s an absolutely perfect, Christmas card worthy picture. If only it wasn’t for that hideous watermark!


To remove the watermark, ARMY joined forces to buy rights to the photo for $200 USD. It didn’t take long to raise the money once Twitter user @vocalgodjin opened a Paypal fund to buy the photo.

According to @vocalgodjin, a total of 47 fans crowdfunded the $200.

Once @vocalgodjin officially owned the photo, it was shared with ARMY on Twitter. Looks like it’s time to make some BTS Christmas cards!