BTS’s Jin Used A Cheat Sheet On Set, But Nobody Noticed Until Now 

Fans noticed a leJINdary behind the scenes detail.

BTS‘s Jin is a fantastic actor, but if he can get away with using cheat sheets on set, then why not?

On April 14, Bodyfriend massage chairs uploaded three new CFs starring ARMY’s seven favorite stars. In one video, Jungkook nearly breaks Jimin with an aggressive massage…

…then wheels him over to a Bodyfriend massage chair to recover.

Just before this happens, Jin and Jimin are both using computers. Nothing seems amiss, but in a behind the scenes clip shown at Bodyfriend stores, fans got a better look at Jin’s screen.

During the shoot, Jin doodled himself acting directions. That’s right — Actor Jin used a cheat sheet for a 30-second video!

Ahh! And then Jimin ah! (with a bit more passion) looking more worried

— Jin’s cheat sheet

Fans, of course, are loving this sneaky tidbit because it’s just so Jin!

Check out the video here: