BTS’s Jungkook Went Viral For His Lotte Family Concert Look Three Years Ago Today…And We’re Still Whipped For It

Even men were confessing their love for him!

It’s officially been three years since BTS‘s Jungkook went viral among locals for his insane visuals!

On August 11, 2019, BTS attended the Lotte Family Concert and put on a memorable performance of “Boy With Luv” among many other iconic songs, and it’s still constantly being raved about by both fans and non-fans.

Specifically, nobody can forget when Jungkook emerged with long, wavy hair and singlehandedly built the new trend for men!

His visuals are described as “legendary” on this day, and immediately propelled his fancam to become viral.

Even locals were hypnotized by Jungkook’s gorgeous looks…

…and it became known as the time when even men began confessing their love for Jungkook!

As the icon of coolness, Jungkook’s charisma can make anyone fall for him and the comments by male netizens showed just how real the “Jungkook Effect” can be!

  • “Hyung, I love you. Date me”
  • “No even watching as a man f*ck he’s so freaking handsome”
  • “I heard this video is loved by men. It’s this video, right?”

To this day, his videos are some of the most-viewed fancams taken by a fansite, receiving tens of millions of views over multiple videos.

From his cool expressions…

…to his sharp dance moves…

…to his overall sexy vibe, it doesn’t seem like fans will be moving on anytime soon!

Who can blame us?

Check out some of the most stunning photos from the iconic day below!