BTS’s Jungkook Addresses The Lack Of His Songwriting Credits On “Golden”

He did not hold back!

BTS member Jungkook has finally released his much-anticipated first album, Golden, and rave reviews have already started pouring in from well-known music publications.

BTS’s Jungkook | Yonhap

Though the response to Jungkook’s album has been chiefly positive since its announcement, some criticized it over the lack of the artist himself in the songwriting credits. It seems like Jungkook either anticipated these concerns or actually came across them and decided to address them head-on.


In an interview with The Atlantic, the BTS maknae candidly talked about employing professional songwriters like Andrew Watt, Cirkut, Major Lazor, Ed Sheeran, and so on instead of writing his own record. He explained that even though he used to believe that artists should be participating in writing their own music, he “came to terms with reality” after doing some growing.

As I grew up, I came to terms with reality and started accepting what I’m not good at or what I don’t have to do.

— Jungkook

By this, he meant creating his songs from scratch by himself. Jungkook confessed that he had no personal message to relay at that moment, which made the process of making songs on his own irrelevant to this album.

At this moment, there’s nothing I want to write about. So I was thinking, ‘Do I really need to invest my time into creating a song from the beginning to the end?’

— Jungkook

From the lack of desire to the absence of the right timing, the BTS member didn’t feel it imperative to write lyrics or compose melodies for Golden. Instead, he added his artistic touch in the capacity of a vocalist, experimenting with techniques and perfecting his live singing skills.

On November 3, when Jungkook held a live broadcast on Weverse after his album’s release, he touched upon this subject again. He reiterated how there was nothing substantial in his mind at the moment that he wanted to write about. As a person, he explained, he is not someone who holds onto his past experiences, and hence, he has “nothing to express.” “Is it because I’m simple?” Jungkook wondered aloud.

Jungkook honestly admitted that he has yet to learn how to put down his worries or frustrations into writing in a poetic way. This awareness also makes him respect his members, like RMJ-Hope, and Suga, who are the most prolific songwriters in the group.

He followed it up with another sweet explanation, saying that no matter what he writes, it ends up being centered around ARMYs. And he loves it that way.

Anyone familiar with Jungkook’s songwriting credits would know that this statement was no exaggeration. He has written and produced many songs in BTS’s discography, as well as for his unofficial releases. But all of them have been more fan songs. From “Still With You” to “Magic Shop” to “My You.”

So, while Jungkook has no shortage of writing and producing credits in his repertoire, his choosing to focus on his bigger strengths for Golden speaks for his professional wisdom. The outpouring of love that the album has gotten already bears evidence of it!