BTS’s Jungkook Totally Aged Backwards After Cutting His Hair Short For The “Butter” Press Conference

We are the only ones ageing and that’s not fair.

We are biased people and we would just like to say that we are extremely partial to BTS Jungkook‘s long, wavy hair. This look on him was all kinds of hot, sexy, and smoldering.

However, the golden maknae had recently chopped his locks and dyed them back to black. Just a little while ago, he was seen sporting purple ombre hair.

But during the online press conference today for BTS’s new song, “Butter”, Jungkook shocked fans with another brand new ‘do.

With trimmed locks, shorter sideburns, and a fringe, many felt that he rewound a couple of years in age!

With his hair that’s become shorter on the sides, it makes his round babyface stand out even more.

Boy, that jaw though!

He looks every bit like the young boy we first saw stand on stage back in 2013.

We’re definitely a fan of his new look.

It seems that Korean netizens also feel the same.

  • “For real, he looks the same as Jungkook in “Run”….f*cking cute kekeke”
  • “Jungkook-ah, no but why have you become so like a baby? So pretty.”
  • “Wow his skin got better.”
  • “Why has he become a baby again? I mean he was originally still a baby but he’s so cute his little bean.”
  • “Look at how handsome our puppy prince looks.”
  • “He got young again..”
  • “Why does he look like a baby.”
  • “Bunny! He’s so handsome and cute.”
| theqoo

We’re not complaining…well not really. We still think long hair Jungkook reigns supreme. In the meantime, check out the official music video for “Butter”.

Source: theqoo