BTS’s Jungkook Aged Backwards And Returned To His “Fire” Days With Just One Hair Cut

“We have to raise him again.”

BTS recently held a live stream where they talked to fans and gave updates on what they had been up to. While ARMY were thankful for their care towards fans, what caught the eye of many was Jungkook‘s hair. The maknae had gotten a fresh trim!

As he had not styled his hair for the day, he looked extra fresh and fluffy.

Fans couldn’t help but realize that they had seen this look somewhere before.

Back when Jungkook was 20 years old (Korean age), he had sported a similar cut during the “FIRE” era.

The “bowl cut” as many term it, makes one look young and adorable.

Thanks to a single haircut, it was like Jungkook never aged at all.

Fans squealed over how cute he looked.

“He’s exactly the same”

“Baby got younger again. F*cking handsome and f*cking cute.”

“Jungkook is still a baby so he doesn’t have facial hair either.”

“He reset once again. We have to raise him again.”


| theqoo

He’s always had a baby face but this takes the cake!

Source: theqoo


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