BTS’s Jungkook Names The Album That Made Him Fall In Love With Music

It was an iconic release.

In a recent interview for Apple Music, BTS’s Jungkook revealed the surprising record that fueled his love for music.

BTS’s Jungkook | @etnow/Twitter

Over the past decade, Jungkook has undoubtedly evolved into an artist who is sincere in his craft. While his vocals have been impressive since day one, the singer has branched out into other aspects of music-making in the past few years, from songwriting to composition to production to arrangement. The role of music in Jungkook’s life is undeniable, and according to him, it all got fired up by one album.

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Jungkook sat down with DJ Zane Lowe to talk about his solo album Golden. But the candid interview also revisited his growth as a BTS member and an individual artist. During their conversation, Lowe asked him about the first milestone moment where his own music made him realize that he had fallen in love with the art form.

In response, Jungkook revealed that he was not naturally inclined toward music as a child. In fact, his knack was in art and drawing, as well as in athletics.

However, when he started working in the music industry, things changed gradually.

Specifically, Jungkook mentioned that while working on The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, he finally reached the feeling that music was the right path for him. “When we created that, I felt impressed,” he explained.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life was one of the milestone albums in the earlier phase of BTS’s career that could be credited as the marking point of their explosive growth in the US market. But it wasn’t the commercial success that attracted Jungkook.

“The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” Part 1 mini album | BIGHIT MUSIC

Rather, he was inspired to be a better artist. It was the album, Jungkook said, that pushed him to explore different kinds of music and contribute to it with his own creations as well!

It is safe to say that the inspiration successfully turned into action with Golden, where Jungkook’s sincere effort toward making good music and becoming an artist he could be proud of is clear as day.

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