“Please Trust Me” — BTS Jungkook’s Touching Letter To Fans In “Golden”

The best singer ever.

BTS’s maknae Jungkook recently launched his solo album, Golden. The album is a masterpiece that many fans had been waiting for for a long time. He made sure to thank fans through a touching letter printed in the album.

Hello. This is Jungkook. My first solo full-length album Golden is out in the world. Honestly, I don’t think I had a clear plan for it, but as my first single “Seven” got released, everything came to be realized.

As I’m someone who is always moving, I don’t think I thought about what was better, or what was worse, but as I began my solo promotions, I think that everything came into picture. (Even so, I’m still a bundle of cluelessness.) I can’t say that the album you are looking at now is perfect, but I think that it is the best result of me trusting myself.

Even if there are imperfect parts, rather than thinking “I could’ve done better,” I just think that this is the best that I can do right now. This is how I will grow more. I’ll show you an even better side of myself in the future.

— Jungkook

Golden. | HYBE

Jungkook continued to thank every single person involved in his album. He expressed his feelings clearly, articulating his future promises.

I hope that you think of this album as the start of Jungkook as a soloist. As I prepared for this album, I received a lot of help. Thank you to those who spent their time and effort on me. I truly am thankful as a person, rather than just an artist.

I’m still lacking so much. I know that myself. But I’m confident. I’ll shine even more in the future, and I’ll become a singer that can repay those that spent many hours for me. Thank you to everyone once more, for believing in and following me.

And ARMY, it took a long time for me to make decisions about myself. During this time, thank you so much for being a source of strength by my side. I’ll never forget it.

I’ll become a person who is more developed than now, and as a singer, I’ll work hard and grow so that I can show you a more perfect side of myself.

Thank you so much. Please trust me. I’ll repay you.

— Jungkook

If that didn’t get you in your feels, we don’t know what will! Check out the music video for “Standing Next To You” below.



Source: Theqoo