BigHit Responds To Reports About BTS Jungkook’s Apartment Purchase

BTS’s agency released a statement about Jungkook’s luxurious purchase.

Recently, news broke that BTS’s Jungkook had reportedly bought an apartment at the luxurious “Seoul Forest Trimage” for 1.95 billion won (approximately $1.74 million USD), in cash. BigHit Entertainment has now responded to these reports.


The “Seoul Forest Trimage” is a popular apartment complex home to many idols, including members of Super Junior and Girls’ GenerationJ-Hope also purchased a property in the complex in 2016. According to real estate industry workers, Jungkook’s purchase was made last October.


BTS’s agency has now responded to the reports by saying that they can neither confirm nor deny Jungkook’s purchase, as it is a matter of his personal privacy. They added, however, that all the members are all currently still living in their dorm.

You can read more about Jungkook’s reported purchase here.

BTS Jungkook Purchases $1.7 Million Luxury Apartment That Numerous Celebrities Live In

Source: Sports News


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