“Let Him Kook”: ARMYs Anticipate BTS Jungkook’s Solo Project After He Poses With Ayden Ju

Ju’s labelmate Justin Park also reposted the photo.

ARMYs are anticipating BTS Jungkook‘s solo project after recently appearing on music artist Ayden Ju‘s Instagram account.

BTS’s Jungkook

While Jungkook might not be active on Instagram anymore, he has been appearing a lot more often on the social media app lately, thanks to others.

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Both HYBE chairman and founder Bang Si Hyuk (also known as Hitman Bang or Bang PD) and businessman Scooter Braun shared posts featuring Jungkook recently. Currently, they are all in Los Angeles, California, sparking ARMYs to suspect that the BTS maknae is working on his highly anticipated solo music project.

Now, Korean American singer-songwriter Ayden Ju, who is signed to 5A Label, posted a photo today of him and Jungkook posed with their arms around each other. He wittily captioned it, “Let him (jung) kook,” a play on the idol’s name, and “let him cook,” meaning “let him do his thing.” 

ARMYs are comparing to when Bang Si Hyuk posed with Australian musician The Kid LAROI, holding a sign that read, “LET LAROI DROP STAY!” Considering the subtle similarities, ARMYs are anticipating this is a teaser ahead of Jungkook’s solo music drop.

Additionally, Ju’s labelmate Justin Park reposted the photo, saying he was proud of him. Jungkook previously shared that he was listening to Park’s 2018 song “On the Low.”

After Jungkook shared that he listened to Justin Park’s music, Park expressed his excitement via social media. He has been a longtime ARMY.

I mean anyone can imagine what my reaction was, but I’m telling you it was FAR more intense than what you think. I literally cried. I laugh, cried if that makes sense hahaha. I literally couldn’t contain myself, so I just stayed up all night working on my socials making sure that everyone knew that this just happened because I was so damn proud.

— Justin Park via Bandwagon

Since his post went viral, Ayden Ju has responded in the comment section. He asks netizens not to read too much into the funny caption.

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