BTS’s Jungkook Serenades His Dog Bam—And Other Moments That Made Us Go “Aww” At The Father-Son Pair

They’re precious!

BTS‘s Jungkook is a great dad to his beloved new pup, Bam!

There were several moments in Episode 3 of BTS In The Soop 2 that showed just how adorable the two are. One of the highlights was when Jungkook had “morning practice” with Bam. It was a karaoke session where he serenaded his favorite dog with his honey-like vocals.

Jungkook’s rendition of “Every Moment Of You” by Sung Si Kyung was greatly appreciated by everyone in the house, especially his dog! He made sure to interact with Bam throughout it, petting and keeping his eyes on him the entire time.

From Bam’s reaction, it was an obvious success! He even barked right after Jungkook finished singing as if to give his approval.

Jungkook was the perfect furparent all throughout In The Soop 2. Earlier that day, he woke up first among the members at 8AM just so he could feed Bam.

This wasn’t the first time he put Bam before himself. In the previous episode, he left the dinner table to give him his food. The dog showed just how ecstatic he was to see his dad the moment he entered the room.

After breakfast in the third episode, Bam and Jungkook took a morning walk. The latter had noticed Bam’s restlessness and knew right away that he needed to stretch his legs.

Dobermans are instinctively protective of their owners but Bam loosened up with just one command from his dad.

Their energy levels are also exactly the same!

Jungkook and Bam are definitely a precious father-son pair!

Jungkook and Bam


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