A Flirty Fan Gets Creative With Hitting On Jungkook At BTS’s L.A. Concert 

They deserve a standing ovation.

BTS has been shooting down marriage proposals for ages, but ARMY isn’t giving up!


At BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA concerts, fans are going the extra mile to flaunt their style and stand out from the crowd. Some ARMYs have dressed up as BTS characters…


…and even glowsticks!

| @mightywanderer9/Twitter 

That’s one way to get BTS’s attention! Another is getting creative with banners and signs. Last weekend, a fan caught Jungkook’s eye with this poster of his dog Bam (also known as Bahm). It reads, “Bam’s dad, I love you.

Now, another Jungkook stan is taking this idea to the next level. At Day 3 of the concert, a fan flirted with Bam’s dog-dad by asking, “BAM NEED MOM?”

| @jvnggkuk/Twitter
| @seokjintiddles/Twitter

The best part? This sign was shown on the stage’s big screen for everyone to see! It also became a trending topic on Twitter.

| @JungkookAsia__/Twitter
| @Daily_JKUpdate/Twitter

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