BTS’s Jungkook Saw A Poster Of Bam During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE,” And He Had The Cutest Reaction

She is living the dream!

BTS is currently in the midst of their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts in LA, and ARMYs have been treated well. The concert has been full of memorable moments, from the members’ cursingJungkook going shirtless, and Jin‘s cute hairstyles, 

With all this content, BTS has really shone and showcased why they are so legendary. Yet, it seems as if a surprise guest made it to the concert, and it wasn’t the adorable ARMY grandpa with his fan chant sheet.

BTS after night two of their “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” concert | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

Before the concert, one user on Twitter called @pensivedimples shared an amazing poster she had made for the show, and it had none other than Jungkook’s dog Bam on it! With his cute little face and the caption “Bam’s dad, I love you,” it was definitely one of the cutest things ever.

Like most fans, the user probably didn’t expect much to come from the poster, but it quickly became clear that everyone at the show and online fell in love with it.

In particular, the user was stunned after going to the concert and realizing that, at one point, Jungkook noticed the poster and pointed at it with a huge smile on his face!

As expected, the user was so excited and over the moon when it happened that people managed to capture it on camera.

In particular, she was even happier when someone sent her a video of when Jungkook saw the poster, and it is a moment that she won’t forget.

| @GAnne1974/ Twitter 

As expected, the user was so overwhelmed after fans worldwide shared their love for the poster. They also shared how much they appreciated the poster and the huge smile it put on Jungkook’s face during the concert.

Of course, this was a huge thing for Jungkook and ARMYs because, after In The SOOP, Bam has become the group’s newest celebrity, with fans worldwide falling in love with him and the interactions with the BTS members.

Jungkook and Bam | Weverse
| Weverse 

With two more dates left in LA, there will no doubt be more heartwarming and memorable moments for both BTS and ARMYs! You can read more about everything that happened at the concert below.

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Source: @Pensivedimples