Here’s How Jungkook Became Coldplay Chris Martin’s BTS Bias

“Please tell JK he’s so impressive.” 💜

Both ARMYs and British rock fans have been obsessed with “My Universe”, the BTS and Coldplay collaboration few expected, but everyone needed. To celebrate the song’s release, BTS’s YouTube channel put up a special behind-the-scenes video to give insight into what it was like for these two groups to come together.

Coldplay and BTS |

With Coldplay having been in the industry for over 25 years, it made them initially a bit of an intimidating presence to record with. BTS was never intimidated by Coldplay’s personality but by the massive respect, they have for this senior group.


On the contrary, Coldplay, specifically vocalist Chris Martin, was excited to work with the boys and actively researched the group to make sure the song was perfect. Martin even added a dance break to the song in hopes of performing it with the boys someday.

When it was time for Jungkook to record, these nerves, as mentioned earlier about working with his seniors, became present. He admitted this in his interview.

Feels like when I first debuted. Chris Martin will be directing my performance and I’m worried I’ll mess up.


Jungkook approached the recording like a pro and began to do his part. If he was nervous, it wasn’t obvious.

Back in the studio, Chris Martin couldn’t have been happier with Jungkook’s recording. He turned to the translator and asked, “Please tell JK he’s so impressive.”

This compliment clearly meant the world to Jungkook, and he gave a shy “Thank You” in response.

This admiration from such an established musical figure had ARMYs on Twitter buzzing. Many fans couldn’t get over the adorable interaction:

The phrase “Jungkook, you are impressive” even ended up trending on Twitter due to the overwhelming ARMY response.

This ARMY was able to sum up perfectly why this moment was so special:

We’re glad that Jungkook and Chris Martin have had the opportunity to work together as well as the rest of BTS. Do you think Jungkook might be Chris Martin’s BTS bias? Let us know, and to see more from BTS’s behind-the-scenes of “My Universe”, check out the article below:

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