BTS’ Jungkook Becomes First Person On Twitter To Have 3 Tweets With 3M Likes

There’s a 4th one on the way, too!

BTSJungkook has just broken a Twitter record for the most tweets with 3 million likes!

| Bighit Entertainment

Three of the tweets on BTS’ official Twitter account written by Jungkook have amassed over 3 million likes each. This is the highest number of tweets by one account to gain that amount of likes!

Until earlier today, he was tied with former president of the United States Barack Obama and current president Joe Biden for the highest number of tweets with 3 million likes.

| @JungkookGraphs/Twitter

The first tweet to gain 3 million likes is from last year and includes a clip of him singing “Never Not” by singer-songwriterΒ Lauv.

The second tweet is a cute selfie with the emoji to match!

The most recent one to hit 3 million likes is a mirror selfie, captioned “I miss you ARMY.

That’s not all, though! He’s well on his way to having four tweets exceed 3 million likes, with this one from February already at 2.9 million. It’s only a matter of time before he breaks his own record!


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