BTS’s Jungkook Has Taken Over Seoul Days Before His Birthday

Thanks to ARMY, his face is everywhere!

With only a few days left to BTS Jungkook‘s birthday, Seoul has quickly filled up with fan supported billboards, advertisements, and more in celebration of his special day.

Seriously Jungkook is plastered everywhere in Seoul to the point it’s scaryㅋㅋㅋ
No, but all the LED boards I’ve seen are about Jungkook..

— Netizen

From subway ads…

…to billboards overlooking the city, Jungkook’s face is just about everywhere!

Jungkook’s birthday ad that will be displayed at Gangnam station from today. I waited to see how pretty it’d look like and came back several times to look at it. There are 3 birthday ads on Gangnam streets for Jungkook’s birthday, thank you for all the cool support

— Netizen

There are even videos of Jungkook in various places like shopping malls, Lotte World, and more.

Jungkookie’s birthday video shining bright at Itaewon. It’s too pretty. Our Jungkookie’s cool and pretty looks with the clouds and the night. I only spent a little time looking at the video but I was happy. Thank you for the video ad.

— Netizen

From the tops of taxis…

…to the sides of buses, such as this gorgeous bus from fansite @idareu_jk, the chances of running into a photo of Jungkook in Seoul are higher than ever around this time of the year!

In Hongdae, ARMY can find “JK’s Magic Shop” pop-up from JUNGKOOK CHINA.

Take a look at the adorable Jungkook statue!

Additionally, with photos appearing in the subway carts, it’s impossible to miss in your daily life.

Netizens are amazed at the large scale of ARMY’s birthday projects for the maknae.

  • “Seriously he’s plastered everywhereㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “The fans must feel like it’s a festivalㅋㅋ”
  • “Our Jungkook happy birthday💜”
  • “Wow, it’s a festival!! I hope Jungkook can see these”
  • “The scale is crazy…”

Check out more of the stunning ads you might find around Seoul below!

Happy birthday, Jungkook!