BTS’s Jungkook Blames Suga For ARMY’s “Bad” New Habit

He’s kind of right!

BTS‘s Jungkook recently decided that Suga was responsible for a bad habit that ARMYs have picked up!

BTS’s Suga and Jungkook | HYBE

Jungkook recently released his first solo album, Golden. The album was highly anticipated from the moment his first single was released, only increasing in fervor after the star-studded line-up was revealed.

BTS’s Jungkook | BIGHIT Music

As part of the promotions for his album, Jungkook has joined ARMY during listening parties on the Stationhead platform, playing music for fans as he answers questions.

During one part of the most recent Stationhead, however, fans couldn’t help but LOL at comments made by Jungkook about Suga.

In the past, ARMY have left Jungkook flustered with using swear words during these lives. Just days ago, Jungkook even requested that fans stop commenting s*bal, which means the f-word in Korean.

In the live that took place on November 8, it seems like fans began commenting the word again, making Jungkook laugh. As a way of explaining ARMY’s “bad” habit, he placed blame on Suga, saying it was his fault.

Jungkook: I didn’t use swear words, I wrote s-word (S*bal) in Korean. You wrote that in English. Oh that’s so funny.
Jungkook: It’s because of Yoongi hyung. That’s right, Yoongi hyung. Yoongi hyung did it. 

Jungkook is likely talking about how Suga would yell the swear word during his D-Day concert tour, even getting fans worldwide to shout it as well.

Jungkook’s teasing of the older member knows no bounds — in the latest episode of Suchwita, the maknae imitated a moment Suga swore during his documentary, much to fans’ amusement.

It seems like Jungkook’s teasing knows no bounds!