K-ARMYs Hilariously Call To “Save Jungkook” After Famous Boxer Choo Sung Hoon Invites BTS’s Jungkook To Spar

If you are wondering why he looks familiar, he is Choo Sa Rang’s dad!

BTS‘s Jungkook has been taking up boxing as a hobby recently. He has shown his skills in sparring multiple times through videos he has uploaded on his personal Instagram. On April 16, 2022, he uploaded a video of him practicing with his coach.

The video was also posted by his coach, Tommy. In the video, Jungkook practices sparring with his coach. His coach had on blocking pads instead of boxing gloves. Coaches often use these to help their students practice punching safely. Fans were startled to discover a comment from a famous martial artist, Choo Sung Hoon. Choo Sung Hoon had invited Jungkook to a sparring session!

Please tell him for me that we should have a sparring session next time. ^__^

— Choo Sung Hoon

Choo Sung Hoon’s comment on the boxing video. | @tommy_tt_jk/Instagram via theqoo

Choo Sung Hoon is an accoladed boxer, wrestler, and mixed martial artist. While he has won multiple awards for his skills, he is more well-known to K-Content fans as Choo Sa Rang‘s father from Return Of Superman.

Choo Sung Hoon and his daughter Sa Rang. | Yeosung Joongang

K-ARMYs, however, know just how scary Choo Sung Hoon can be. Just look at his impressive physique.

After Choo Sung Hoon extended the invitation through Jungkook’s coach, K-ARMYs began to call to save Jungkook. As it has not been long since Jungkook started boxing, fans know him as a “boxing puppy.” They asked Choo Sung Hoon to go easy on the star.

K-ARMYs asking Choo Sung Hoon to go easy on Jungkook. | theqoo
  • “Even if he’s a boxing puppy, he’s still a baby puppy… Sarang’s daddy, please go easy on him.”
  • “Save our boxing puppy, LOL.”
  • “He’s a 26-month-old baby…”
  • “Our boxing puppy is strong, but… Jungkookie is a baby, so…”
  • “Please save him, hehe”
  • “Hide the baby…”
  • “No, he’s still a baby, so we’ll reject the sparring [invitation].”
  • “Save the puppy!”
  • “He’s a baby, so please go easy…”

Jungkook may be one of the strongest and fittest members of BTS due to his extensive exercise routine, but he still has a long way to go to compare to Choo Sung Hoon in terms of boxing. After all, Choo Sung Hoon has been winning medals in martial arts since 2001!


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